NÉNÉ (french „tit“) 
Nene proudly pushes forward to make a social statement through the medium of erotica! Our handling of nudity and lust is an idea. A philosophy. Beauty and passion. Horniness. Sexual thoughts and candid ecstasy. NÉNÉ liberates erotica from Kitsch, is pure and candid.
Our photographs, illustrations and videos stage nude beauty, our texts and articles are without censorship. We love passion and we kiss life's naked skin with our art. Although published twice yearly, you can click through our gallery any time you wish by clicking us online. Reading Nene means to lose yourself in it.
NÉNÉ Flyer | Aperitif #1
Our first print product is an 8-page flyer with an integrated poster on the back. The special folding technique allows magazine-style easy page turning. This ‘aperitif’ is meant to titillate and arouse interest in the upcoming issues and publicize the brand NÉNÉ outside from Facebook and co. The viewer also forms a first impression of the picture-language we fancy. It is important to us that our reader holds something tangible and doesn't just click through an online picture gallery. We love print and believe in its long-term effect. The photos featured in the flyer are by Bernhard Handick, Peter Kaaden und Tamara Bertran.
NÉNÉ Sticker | Lips 
Our stickers take up the poster´s photo of Peter Kaaden.
NÉNÉ Tit Memory | Busenfreunde
Our tit memory game is a tongue-in-cheek beginning for our product series. With NÉNÉ´s „Busenfreunde | Das Titten Memory“ you can fill your table with full cards. Play like you did when you were young and turn off your phone. Enjoy both tits like grapes. Soft skin and hard nipples. Above all, it is a fundraiser for our magazine and is supposed to draw people´s attention. Going forward, we want to do much more than publishing just a magazine. 
Photographs by Marcel Kamps, Peter Kaaden, Tamara Bertran, Martin Knorr, Obi Wolf, Bernhard Handick, Stefan Braunbarth, Alexander Bergström, Nathalie Herzhoff und Frederic Schmidt.
C O N T E N T  
Playing cards made of high quality carton
32 pairs (size 5,5 x 5,5 cm)
Game instructions with mini poster on the back
Offset Print
NÉNÉ Photography
Our photographs feature views of nudity different from that of mainstream porn.
Nude photographs are a study in art and aesthetics; not just sleazy images. We don’t speak to just men or women. We speak to both simultaneously and appeal to all sexual orientations. We don’t abide censorship unless its Kitsch. For our magazine, we work with select photographers from around the world to showcase different styles and ways of pornography through their photographic works.
NÉNÉ first video teaser
We also want to show eros in motion. Our goal is to produce erotic films. You can call it porn. We won´t!
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